Explorium Automated
Data Discovery in Action (Live Demo)




Dedy Kredo
Head of Explorium customer-facing data science team at

How do you get the right external data for your machine learning models? Spending precious time and money on finding, preparing, matching, and testing external data to improve your models’ accuracy doesn’t have to be your reality. Explorium transforms the way companies connect to the right data enrichments using augmented data discovery and feature generation within the context of your business problem.

Join Dedy Kredo, head of our customer-facing data science team, on Monday, November 23, at 12pm EST, for a live demo of how Explorium automatically finds the data you need to enrich your features and models by:

  • Connecting to thousands of external data sources
  • Generating the broadest set of features
  • Selecting the optimal set of features for the highest model uplift

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