What if you could use all the External Data you needed for BI & ML, pain-free?

Organizations across the industry realize that access to external or alternative data is key to their competitive advantage and business success. They are looking for ways to connect to the broader data ecosystems to improve their analytics, machine learning, and decision-making.

Finding the right external data is not devoid of challenges. Moreover, using it is even more tedious and time-consuming. These challenges prevent data leaders from onboarding the right data from all desired sources. This webinar is pulling information from various research notes to eliminate the myth, mystery, and misery in utilizing External Data and proposes an easy approach to external data Access, Utilization, and Compliance.

In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • The challenges in accessing and using External Data
  • The vast opportunity the External Data offers
  • How External Data Platform helps

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Ajay K Headshot

Ajay Khanna
CMO, Explorium